Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Our Favorite Gross Motor Toys

Today I am putting together a picture list of some of our favorite gross motor toys.  Adeline has low tone so I am always looking for something we can use in the house that is fun and helpful in building up her muscles.  These are some of our favorites:

Most of these help with core strength but the scooter is great because it also helps build upper body strength.  Pediastaff recently published a list of ten things to do on a scooter board.

 These large blocks are great because they require a lot of bending and standing, great for both balance and working the abdominal muscles.

 We love our yoga ball.  I sit Adeline on this a lot.  I will bounce her gentlly  and sing songs.
 A ride on toy is beneficial for balance and building up leg muscles.

We are spoiled, Adeline's grandpa built her this swing.  A swing is great for working on core strength.

A Bilibo, this is an interesting toy, Adeline is not a fan of it but my six year old loves it.  I will flip it over sometimes and use it as a stool for Adeline to sit on.  Starfish Therapies did a post recently about using a Bilibo.

A small trapoline for jumping is great.  Adeline's feet to not leave the ground but she enjoys jumping with her feet attached.

A water table can also be a beneficial gross motor tool because it can require pulling to a stand, squatting and reaching.  This was the first thing Adeline pulled to a stand at, she love the water. It is alway motivating.

The last of our favorites is a climbing toy with a slide,


  1. Gross motor is the thorn in my flesh right now lol. We just got a water table.

  2. Wow, I love that swing! Lucky Adeline!

  3. Hi! This is my first visit to your blog. I saw your link in the BrillKids Forum for Parents of Special Needs kiddos. I was wondering where you purchased the scooter from? Thanks. Anna

  4. Hello from South Africa
    I accidentally came across to your blog while searching ideas for gross motor activities. I'm very motivated by how far Adeline made it! Congratulations to you and so much respect! she is blessed to be born from you! I've a 21 month boy with microceplay that I'm working on his gross motor skills
    mainly. His started crawling properly when he was 16 months. His way of moving around before was rolling and squinting. I am looking for ideas and resources to help me design a home program for him to follow. I recently bought " fit baby smart baby your baby" book and waiting for its arrival. Any help or guidance on how I can help him with his next milestones of walking would be very helpful please.
    Thank you

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  6. did the 26" exerise ball last very long

  7. did the 26" exerise ball last very long

  8. did the 26" exerise ball last long

  9. did you get her a smaller ball

  10. i want to know if the 26 inch ball stay inflated did your daughter get her own ball


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