Monday, October 8, 2012

Fine Motor Sorting

This is a simple sorting activity that can be done at many different levels.  If you child has been working on sorting for a while I recommend using at least three bottles, if they are a beginner start with two.  If you are not sorting yet but what to work on colors or fine motor just use one bottle and one color.

I'm sorry I should have removed the green balls from the bowl for this sort.  It should just show red and yellow balls.

Also this should have just had red balls.  While doing this activity you can work on speech while putting "red ball in".

We also did this activity while siting on the bosu ball.  This works our fine motor and gross motor together.  Sorry the lighting is not great.

A bosu ball this a great piece of exercise equipment sort of like a half yoga ball.  I love it because I can have Adeline sit on it and I don't have to hold on like I would if she where on a yoga ball.  This help to do multi- task activities.  

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  1. Great idea! I love your blog - so many fun ways for children to learn.


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