Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tot School --- Up, Up, Up,

     I remember when I was a kid and we played with that big cool parachute in gym class.  It was so fun.  Well, we like to make our own at home.  Today we used an old window sheer, but sometimes we use a table cloth or a sheet. Today we just threw some balls on it to "pop" around.  Sometimes we will wade up tissue paper and "pop" that.

     This is a great activity if you are trying to get your child to lift his or her arms up higher.  Adeline had that issue for quite awhile, she would not put her arms above her head.  We also work on learning  "up" and "down".

     After we pop for awhile Adeline and or Ian will sit in the center.  They love it when the parachute comes down on them.  This is where we talk about "where is Adeline?".  The "wh"  questions words have been a little tricky for Adeline so we like to make games with them.      


  1. We'll have to do this with Miss K (well, the sitting in the middle underneath part at least). She loves the "tents" her brother makes with her. Is Adeline feeling better?

  2. Just saw your post on HSDS and popped over. Your dd is beautiful! I'm also homeschooling my children and my youngest is a little girl with Ds. Like you, I couldn't imagine not having her here too. :-)

    Looking forward to reading more.



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