Monday, April 30, 2012

Exploring Cold

We have been exploring adjectives lately, so today we talked about "cold".  Last night I stuck some trays of water into the freezer and today they are "cold".  This was an exciting sensory activity.

First, we felt the ice and talked about it, then we started to sprinkle some salt.  The ice started to crackle and pop.  Next, we added some color and we talked about all the different colors.

We really enjoyed this activity, next time I might use squirt bottles and spray the colors on.  


  1. Oh what colorful fun! And a great lesson in what cod is

  2. How fun ! What a great idea to introduce the salt...I wouldn't have thought of that. I just discovered your site, and can't wait to look around.

  3. Just dropping by once again to thank you for sharing this with Tuesday Tots.


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