Monday, October 10, 2011

Tot School- Counting and Fine Motor

Today I made some number matching cards for Adeline.  I just used some file folders that I cut up, and by hand wrote the numbers and colored some dots.  I did then laminate them.  Very easy.  I was not sure what Adeline would think of these but she liked them.  We have been doing the math program with the Brillkids program so she has seen the numbers before.

     Stickers are a fun fine motor activity.  I found a pack of cat stickers, I knew Adeline would love these.  I did have to lift the corner a bit on each of her, but she pulled them off and put them on.  

Adeline has always hated blocks.  Really hated them,so I decided it was not worth the fight and we didn't do them.   Well today I decided to pull them back out and see.  Well she liked them!  She made a tower out of five blocks  and we did choo choo trains.  Wow!  This was something new. 

     Since we didn't take a nap today, for some reason.  We pulled out our shape puzzle from Melissa and Doug and played with this for awhile.

     A few months ago, we found this huge bean bag chair that even has a foot pillow.  I love to pile this up for Adeline to climb on.  This is a great gross motor activity.



  1. You always have the greatest learning activity ideas for me to steal :-)

  2. You are doing an amazing job!!!


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