Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Favorite Flashcards

     When Adeline was a baby we started with the Baby Bumblebee Flashcards.  I liked these because the words and the pictures were on the same side of the card and on the back it showed how to sign the word.  These cards are also nice and thick and this was good because Adeline chewed on them and tried to bend them.  The picture is also very clear on these cards.


    Now that Adeline is older (2)  we are working on reading along with vocabulary development.  I have switched to the Brillkids program.   This program allows me to print any flashcards I need.  They also have put their cards in categories such as action words, common animals, parts of the body, etc.  Their pictures are clear and the words are large.   Adeline has learned many words and facts from this program.     

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