Wednesday, September 14, 2011

We Love Our Slide! --- Gross Motor

     Yes I am crazy, but I moved our slide in the house!!!  It is hot here and the bees like to build their nests on these type of toys so in the house we go.  I want Adeline to have every chance she can get to climb and slide so I will make this available to here any time of day. 

     A slide is great for sooo many different skills.  She tries to climb up the slide and up the stairs, all strengthening skills.  Slides also work on depth perception.  Most of all they are fun as you learn.  I teach "up" and  "down"  as baby dolls go up and down as well.  The list goes on.



  1. Luv it! From one crazy mom to another - I think it's a great idea! Our winters are quite cold here When K was little it was hard to get her out enough in the winter, so we brought our slide like that inside too. Check out this link - I added a photo reply on my blog just for fun!


  2. Looks great. Hmmm, where can we fit one at our place?

    I found you through Babycenter (Unlimited Potential) and will definitely be a reader now!


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