Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fine Motor Task 2 --- Clothes Pins and Pre-stringing Beads

      It was a nice morning so we hit the deck for some fun activities!  I thought we would first try to work with clothes pins.  This was hard!!!  I think we need to work on finger strength maybe with play dough or something.  Adeline could not squeeze that clothes pin to get it off the bucket.  She was able to figure out how to wiggle it off after a little work.  That was good.  Right?   We will have to come back to this one again later.

Next had seen on another blog how a mom took these pool noodles and cut them up into about 3 inch pieces to make large beads.  You can even put numbers on them or do patterning.  I just wanted to get them on the tinker toy!  You could use a dowel for this also but I had some tinker toys that I put a little base on.  Adeline then tried to put the beads on the stick.  She really liked this task.  It was a little challenging but not so hard.

We also tried to put the noodles pieces on a string.  This was a little to hard.  We will keep working on this.  It would be fun to make a snake!

 I will give this a try!
 Not sure that this is for me.
 Got some in!!!
 I can do this!  Squeeze

 Working with my noodles!
 This is fun.
 Going on!
 This rope is a bit harder
Here's a picture of my noodle.

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  1. The clothes pin activity is a great idea. I gotta try that one!


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