Saturday, September 24, 2011

This Is How We Crawl and Creep -- Gross Motor Task

      Studies have shown that crawling and creeping  are important steps in a child's development.  According to Glen Doman  "crawling and creeping are essential not only to walking but in the overall programming of the brain."  Crawling and creeping also help to build up the upper body and strengthen the wrists and hands.

     Adeline scoots, so we need to have "crawling times".  When we are outside Adeline crawls like a bear because she does not like the grass, so we go up and down hills, bear crawling.  Inside I have some mats on the floor that we crawl on as much as possible at least four times a day.  She will not do this by herself, I have to crawl behind her otherwise she will move into a scoot.  So we both get our workout.   

 Doing out bear crawl!
 Getting some help from big sister
 Oh!  This is hard work
 Our crawling mats
 Here we go!!!
 Go Adeline, Go

 All Done!

Adriana took these great sunset pictures after we were done with our outdoor crawl.


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