Thursday, October 24, 2013

3 of Our Favorite Gross Motor Activities

 Everyday I try to do some gross motor activities with Adeline.  We always crawl and hang from a monkey bar but here are a few others that we try to add in.

1.  Stand up, Sit down - I stack a pile of our mats to create a stool.   I hold an animal in the air and Adeline will stand up to grab the animal and sit down and throw it in a basket.  This activity works her legs and core.    

2.  Scooter Pull - Adeline sits on the scooter, grabs an animal and I pull her across the room to throw her animal into the box.   

 3.  Step, Step Throw - I create two steps with our mats.  Adeline will choose an animal step across the steps and throw her animal in.  Then back to get another animal.

As you can see we have many beany babies.  Whenever I see one at a yard sale I grab it.  They are very motivating for all our activities.


  1. What great and yet simple ideas! I am going to have to see about implementing them with Miss K and her brothers (they love doing gross motor activities with her).

  2. We use the little Beanie Babies for all kinds of things especially rip therapy. Great job on gross motor activities.

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