Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sensory Learning

Today we learned with corn starch.  Corn starch is a great inexpensive sensory item.  First we worked on scooping and spooning until that turned messy.  If you child needs to work on using a utensil these type of activities provide some extra practice and also work on fine motor skills.

We used both a scoop and a spoon.

Once things started to get messy and Adeline wanted to put her hands in it we moved on to a sensory bin with corn starch and numbers.  I have been teaching Adeline her numbers with flashcards but I like to reinforce everything with a game or activity of some sort.

One of my little tricks is, I love to find Scrabble games or Rummy O games at yard sales for a few cents.  I love using the tiles for different learning activities.  Today we used our Rummy O tiles to reinforce numbers.

Adeline enjoyed dusting for the tile to discover her number.

I admit we made quite a mess with this activity but it was fun.


  1. I like tmiş idea. Thank youyor sharing

  2. We love cornflour play here! great idea about the tiles...we shall have to try something similar! Just wanted to let you know i will be featuring this activity on my Weekly Kid's Co-Op post this week...thanks for linking up! (Mummy Musings and Mayhem)


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