Monday, June 25, 2012

Painting Sand Castles

Oh, the weather here is just frightful, and I really planned to do this project outside but we moved it in.  We have had rain and tornado watches for the past few days so we needed to release some energy.   we are painting sand castles.  Not sure how this would work but it worked and it was fun. 

I started with some old jello molds that we found at a flea market. I added some wet sand and a little more water and froze for 24 hours.  We then started painting.

Adeline thought the painting was great!


  1. What an absolutely charming idea! Thank you so much for sharing it! Keep up the great work with your daughter :)

  2. These are beautiful! Wish ours would've turned out so pretty :)

  3. Impressive sand forms. Looks like your daughter had a lot of fun painting them.


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