Sunday, February 26, 2012

Crib Mattress and Gross Motor

Adeline has been walking for a few months and her gait is slowly getting better and better.  I find myself standing behind her evaluating this often.  One thing that has made this difficult for her is that her left side has always been a bit weaker that her right.  So she has always favored her right side.   When she is tired her head will even tilt to the left, this use to freak me out a little but now I understand it. I recently asked at the Starfish Therapy's blog if she had any ideas for me to help with Adeline's gait this was her  amazing response.

So learning this information, this is what I came up with this week.  Adeline is not strong enough to take a step by herself standing up, so I pulled out the crib mattress.  We played "step".

I added a different cushion at the end because this really throws her off a little.  

Next, I elevated the mattress with two cushions and Adeline crawled up.  She really liked this.

We kept going with our obstacle course and I pulled one cushion out and so Adeline could go up and down crawling, this was fun.



  1. Nava is home with all the mats ans crib mattresses and couch cushions on the floor today but for one step before this-getting her to be a confident crawler :)

  2. That was a really great response. We have the weaker and stronger side issue when trying doing stairs. Thank you so much for sharing ;-)

  3. then I simply started tacking the burlap onto the velcro, creating a tuft of fabric in between the spindles. I left enough fabric at the top to allow it to be discretely tucked beneath the mattress.

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