Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brown Bags and Shapes

I have this very large stock of brown lunch bags that I purchased at Sam's Club quite awhile ago that I needed to start using, so today was the day.  I wanted to work with our new drip pan board again and reinforce shapes.  I cut the brown bags down and made them even a little shorted in the front and colored a line near the opening.  I then colored a shape on the front of each bag and laminated them.  I had to cut a slit at the opening through the laminating film but I now have a little pocket for each shape.

We worked on sorting shapes.

I found another poster at the Dollar Tree featuring shapes, so I cut this one up also onto cards and laminated it.  I added magnetic stripping to the backs of all this,  I love the stuff!  I had Adeline sit on her stool for this activity to work on balance.  I cut some foam sheets into shapes and we sorted more shapes.  I am really trying to get Adeline to put an adjective with a noun so we really talked about "red circle", and "green square".

Later we pulled out one of my favorite Melissa and Doug puzzles and worked on it while sitting on the Trumpette.

I really like these chunky puzzles, Adeline has a couple.  I think they were easier for her start with than a knobbed puzzle.


  1. i think we must shop at all the same toy shops - i have that jigsaw puzzle for Goblin.
    I love your brown paper bag shape matching game.

  2. What fun math activities!!! I especially love the brown paper bags as pocket sorters!! I am pinning this to my Math Play Pinterest board.

  3. What a great idea...thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I love the paper bag sorting activity. I did something similar with envelopes last year, but never thought to use paper bags. : ) I would love if you shared your post on my fun frugal friday linky party. BTW I am going to start following.

  5. Stopping by from TGIF!!! I have this pinned - LOVE this idea!


  6. Thanks for linking up at Thinky Linky Thursday this week! We are happy to have your ideas.
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom

  7. Love the paper bag shape game, will be using this idea with my playgroup. TFS

    Visit us at our blog:

  8. The Dollar Tree posters are great! I haven't seen those in our store though. I gotta get me a laminator!


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