Sunday, January 29, 2012

We Are Walking, Now What?

Adeline started walking right before Christmas and she is doing pretty good.  Her gait is still pretty wide because of a left side weakness that we have always dealt with.  So we are working on that.  I need to get her a new pair of orthodics to also help her.  I just learned that the Shriners provides one free pair of orthodics a year for children with down syndrome so if you have a Shriners hospital near, it is something worth checking into.  We are not receiving PT services so I have been looking for things to do since Adeline is now walking, I came across  this great site and article.

These are some of her favorite walking toys right now.  It took Adeline some time to work out her coordination to use these but she is getting it down.  


  1. Yeah for walking! How exciting!

  2. LOVE it when they hit the big milestones! Does she have a grocery cart yet? We got one for only 5$ at Toys R Us a while back (on sale). They are also so great for language can work on vocabulary and concepts!

  3. Yay Adeline! Previous poster gave a great idea about the grocery cart. We got one from Family Dollar for about $10 and our PT suggested we put a 3-5lb weight under the bottom for control and strength.


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