Thursday, January 5, 2012


Today we played with buttons,  I would not recommend this if your child is still mouthing.  I really didn't have any set plan with this activity I just know that this would be great for exploring and fine motor.  Adeline seemed to enjoy it, she is always interested when I give her something new to work with.  We played with the buttons for awhile and then I put some in a sock wanting her to try and reach inside to pull some out.  This was hard, and she soon figures out how to just dump the sock.  Ok, next time I need a tighter sock.


  1. looks like she found it quite interesting! maybe one of those kleenex boxes with the opening on the top would be interesting! or some dry noodles or beans in a plastic tub!

  2. I just want to eat that little girl right up she is SO CUTE!! She looks like she is really enjoying the buttons. You could find a wide mouthed piggy bank and have her put them in t=it like coins! Thanks so much for sharing at thrifty Thursday!


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