Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Numbers and Letters

We are back!  I took a few days to get some projects done around my house.  When I am schooling many things have to go on hold, so when I get a break I have so much to do.  I just finished painting my kitchen.  I am so happy that is done.

I have been thinking hard these past few day about our new year, and what I need to focus on for Adeline.  I know that we will keep working hard with our flashcards from Brill kids.  I don't know what I would do without this company.  I just don't have the time to create and organize a reading flashcard system, but they do it for me.
I also want to work on the alphabet and numbers.  So I will continue to work with the sandpaper alphabet cards that I made.  I have been working on these number cards that I found at child care land.  This is one of my favorite sources for printables, many are free.    

This is the link to the counting pages I will be using for Adeline. 

What Adeline will do with these is match the number to the number  and add the correct pompom balls to the card.  I added Velcro so that they will stick.  Right now we will start with the first three cards.

These are the alphabet cards that I made for Adeline.


  1. wow you are very creative. If you are using digital flashcard, I would suggest to checkout

  2. Great activities! I have seen the sandpaper letters recently, does Adeline like them? (BTW My daughter was almost an Adeline! I am keeping it on my list for when we have another baby!). Thanks for sharing at Thrifty Thursday!

  3. I always love seeing the activities you've created for Adeline! You do a wonderful job with them ... they're so attractive and inviting! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  4. I like those number printables, thanks for sharing the link. I will have to colour mine all the same colour though because Goblin "cheats" and just matches the colours.

  5. Thanks for sharing! I have been trying to figure out a fun way to introduce 11-20. The pompom book is a great idea.


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