Friday, December 9, 2011

BrillKids and Early Learning

I have been wanting to write about how we are teaching Adeline to read and learn vocabulary at the same time.  For about six months we have been using an early reading program from Brillkids.  When Adeline was born and we learned that she had down syndrome I quickly started my research and read about a man named Glen Doman.  He has worked with many typical children and children with a diagnosis to help them reach their fullest potential.  That is what I wanted, I knew that Adeline could do so much and I was not going to settle for the norm so I read what Glen Doman taught about teach our children.

One of Doman's methods for teaching reading is using the flash method, and showing sets of words to your child quickly about two to four times a day.  Now this is a great method and it does work but I also home school three other children and did not always have the time to create these cards.  Adeline also needed a picture to go with the word, so then I found the Brillkids program.  This program saved me and has taught Adeline more than I could have in the time we have.  Adeline watches a set of words and pictures on the computer twice and day and I also print up her flashcards from the program.  We then do the cards when we have time.   Adeline amazes many by all the words and concepts she knows.  This program has been a great blessing to us.

They do offer a free 14 day trial  I encourage you to try it out.  The button to their web site is on my side bar.

Well one of the set of words we are working on is fruits and the other day I was doing a Montessori word card search and came across this at 1+1+1=1
This was perfect.  Adeline loves matching games and this will give another chance to work with those words.   

Here are a couple pictures of the Brillkids fruit cards that Adeline is working on.

Here Adeline is working on her matching that I printed up from 1+1+1=1

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  1. Love, love, love Brillkids! Its a GREAT learning resource. Thanks for the Montessori link. I need to try the pictures and words matching for Little Miss D.


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