Monday, November 7, 2011

Tot School -- Scooting Along with Fall Fun

One of Adelines favorite activities is playing with the scooter board.  Today was very exciting because she did many new things on her board.  Usually she will sit on the board and I will move her around holding on to her ankles and saying "ready, set, go"  she loves that.

Today I sat her on her board and she started moving herself using her feet.  She went back and forth across the room.

Next, I put her on her tummy.  She has always been scared on her tummy on the board, but she took off.  She started to pull herself across the room.  She thought it was great.

Riding on the scooter is another great activity that works with vestibular stimulation.  The vestibular system has a strong influence on muscle tone, which is at the core of most development and/or learning disorders

Later we got into our contact paper and made some fall leaves 

Contact paper is one of my favorites to use with Adeline right now because I am just not into the glue yet.  Here she can just stick it on and we are all set.

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  1. You always have the best ideas! Now I want to buy clear contact paper and make fall leaves with at least my Kindergartner, although I have a feeling the other two boys would want to join in the fun.

    And I need to read more about the influence of the vestibular system. My middle son has very strong need for vestibular input as does Miss K. Hmm ... :)


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