Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tot School -- Filing Fun

I love file folder games!  I think I might be a little obsessed, but they are the greatest.  What beats having fun while learning?   When I taught school I used to use these in my classroom and now I use them with my kids.  I am always looking for new ones.

To create these, all you need is file folders and rubber cement.  There are many web sites that you can print   these from.  You can also find books at an educational store with all the parts, just cut them out and glue on your folder.   I do like to laminate my pieces and if I am printing them up I might print on card stock, if I have it, if not, ohhh well.

Here are some links to some good sites:

I made this color matching file folder game awhile back so now that we need it I have it.  

I made this one to match our block.

This is how we store our folder games.

So today Adeline decided to create her own sensory box.  I had my box of ribbon sitting out and she found it.


  1. You are inspiring me to start making file folder games now so I will have them ready when Miss K is ready. And, I love the pictures of Adeline with the ribbons! :)

  2. I actually remember playing with those folder games at the daycare in Tacoma I went to when I was younger. I really want to make some for my kids so that they have something to do instead of video games.


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