Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pattern Block Fun

Pattern blocks are a toy that can be used for many years in different ways.  I first used these when I taught elementary school.  They are perfect for the preschool years and up.

Some of the benefits of pattern blocks are;

builds visual spatial skills
helps pattern recognition
shape recognition
color recognition
beginning math concepts
fun creativity

There are many different types of pattern blocks.  They come in plastic, foam, and wood.  I own the wood and they have had these over 15 years.  They definately hold the test of time.

Some ways to use pattern blocks:

I bought these pattern cards at a teacher store. They are more at a 1st grade and up level.

 I found some cute preschool patterns at http://prekinders.com/pattern-blocks/  .  Adeline is doing the catapilliar.  Also great for fine motor skills

 I used some of the foam pieces for a mat and we matched colors. 
 Ian got creative.  He made a castle.
I found this tray at the dollar tree - great for sorting.
 Adeline had to finish her time with the light box and her color birds.

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  1. Thank you for elaborating on the pattern blocks. One of the ladies at the CMF Seminar briefly talked about these, but I'm a visual person so talking doesn't always help me. Now you've shown me exactly what I should be doing with them!


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