Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tot School --- Dollar Tree Therapy!

     I love the Dollar Tree, but you know every time I go I spend $20-$30.   I never get out of there spending just $1.  But I have found that if I spend some time in there I can find some good deals, and I am always looking for a deal!    Like these frogs and lizards and cookie sheets.  So many things can be done with a cookie sheet, on these I added some Velcro strips.  I also added Velcro to the frogs and lizards.  This makes a fine motor activity.  Get those fingers moving!

Later, we can do some patterning with the frogs and lizards or some adding and subtracting.   For now we pull them off and put them on.

     Later I turned the tray over and played with magnetic letters.

     We have been working on colors so I made some flashcards for Adeline, but I don't like to leave these with her.  You just never know.  So I also made this book that she enjoys looking at because it is similar to her flashcards.

      I also made a parts of the head book.  She loves this one, I catch her looking at it and pointing to her "eyes" and "nose".

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  1. Ha! I don't feel so bad now! I can never go in the Dollar Tree and spend less than $10. Going to the Dollar Tree is a weekly outing (addiction) for me. I have about 5 different ones where I live and I visit a different one each week!


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