Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tot School -- Do A Dot Art --Squares

     We discovered a great new coloring tool.  Do A Dot Art, these are sponge tip dotters.  They are similar to a bingo dotters but these are non toxic and washable.   My kids loved working with these today.  On the box it states that they are for ages 3 and up but Adeline is 2 and a half  and she did great with it.  I actually think they could help with eye hand coordination and ever hand strength.

     Since we have been working on squares I taped down a square coloring page and let her dot away on it.  She thought it was great she kept say "dot, dot"  as she dotted.  She did put it in her mouth once, but hey these are non toxic!  

     Once Adeline gets a little older there are some really neat printable for these on line.  Just goggle Do a Dot printables and you will find many.  Some of my favorites can be found at the Childcareland website  This link is for the alphabet.  I think they are really neat.

     We also found some neat pictures at:

   Here is a picture of these neat little guys:


     Adeline is getting into her "dot's".


This is so much fun!!   Do you like my square?

Ian is making a castle

Adeline is going to give this a try with BOTH hands.

Here are some of those fun shapes you can find on the DLTK web site

The finished square! 


  1. Hmmmm, another great idea. Especially since its not messy like finger paints. Me and my OCD don't like finger paints :-(

  2. Great idea! I love the alphabet pages. I saw these at lakeshore and wondered how I could use them to teach Maya. Thanks!


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