Monday, October 17, 2011

Tot School --- Circles!

     Adeline has mastered sorting and matching colors.  Yeah, go Adeline!  So we are moving onto shapes.  We are going to start with circles.

     I found this big chalkboard at a thrift store and love it.  So many possibilities!  I think I need three more.  I started by doing some hand over hand with Adeline and making circles on the board.  She thinks this is not necessary and draws her lines.  On a happy note, I did get her to say "down" as she drew "down".  This was a new word.  We started on the floor but I then moved her to her stool to challenge her core a little more.


    I have been saving milk caps for over a year.  There are many neat uses for them.  We used them in some of our activities today.  Since milk caps are circles we did some core work crossing midline with our circles.

    Ian did a spelling activity while we where doing this.

     We played with a sensory bag, that had circles in it.  I made this with some cheap hair gel and some circle chips added inside.

   Last, I traced some circles on a file folder and had Adeline put a cap on the circles.  I was not sure how this would go but she did it.

That ends day one with circles.  More to come.

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  1. Way to go Adeline! Now I'm headed over to check out your store. That top is too cute!


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