Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Guess We are Not Doing Circles!

     O.K, today was suppose to be our last day with circles but Adeline had different thoughts!  But hey, she is making choices, and the speech therapist is always after me about that.  

     I was planning on doing this simple circle matching game that I made  from a file folder and velcro.

     But Adeline had other plans, Rescue Heros!!!

     Adeline loves to play with her brother!

 I thought I would share some of the oral motor tools we are using right now.  About a year ago we had the chance to have an evaluation with Talk Tools.  This was one of the most informative evaluations we ever had.  It has taken me some time to put everything into our routine and some days are better than others but every little bit helps I believe.

Blowing Bubbles, this is fun and helps develop air flow.

 Blowing a Kazoo,  helps develop lip closure, practise making all kinds of sounds.  Adeline loves her kazoo.

      These plastic flutes that you can find at the dollar store can be a bit annoying but are also great for  lip closure and developing a good air flow.

     One of the most important for Adeline is this red chewy tube.  She has some jaw weakness along with jaw instability.  Chewing on this in sets of five on each,  five times a day is part of her plan.  I don't always get it in five times a day but we usually do more than five chews.  I have been trying to build her chews up.  Sometimes when she is watching her Baby You Can Read DVD, I will just give it to her to chew on.

     The chewy tubes are available in four colors, red is the second in the line up.  Next are green, and blue.        


  1. Hello! Just "hoppin'" by. :o)

    What a great resource all your detailed info is for new parents! I'll definitely keep your blog on the list that I share with parents of new babies, if that's ok!

    And the fact your kids are cute doesn't hurt, right?? :o)

  2. Someone has to save the world, right?
    I came over via the blog hop. The chew things semms like something I (Vincent) needs. Where did you buy them? Hopefully somewhere that ships to Europe!!!

    Christina (Prince Vince)

  3. Rescue Heroes looks more fun than matching circles anyway! :) Blog hopping!

  4. Good tips! I really need to do more "blowing" activities with Nathan. He loves bubbles, but I hate cleaning up bubble messes. :)

    Visiting via the blog hop!


  5. Blog hopped over here today, and am now following you - what a beautiful little girl you have!

    Love that you posted about oral motor therapy. Can you believe that some speech therapists don't believe in working on that with our kids? I think it's so important.

  6. I'm an aspiring homeschooling year when my oldest is ready for kindergarten...or am I already unoffcially homeschooling a pre-schooler? Hopped over and now following you and your well dressed cutie.

  7. Glad I found you while blog hopping :)

  8. Found you blog hopping (now I'm following your adorable little girl). I can't wait until Hailey is playing with her big brothers!

  9. I just blog hopped over here and I'm your newest follower. In the few minutes that I've been reading your blog, I've learned so much! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. And Adeline is just adorable!


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