Sunday, September 23, 2012

12 Activities to Teach Colors and Have Fun

We have been working on our colors for a while and I believe that Adeline has most of them down.  I have tried to just talk about colors whatever we are doing and playing and I believe this has helped.

I put a list together for some of our favorite color activities.  This will be number one; baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring, so fun.  This activity also used fine motor with the scooping.

1.  Baking Soda Scoop

2. Three Ways To Sort Colors

3.  Spring Learning

4.  Colors!

5.  Shamrock Learning

6.  Working With Blocks

7.  Snowflake Colors

8.  Pattern Block Fun

9.  Early Learning With Teddy Bear Counters

10.  Push and Pull

11.  Sensory Learning

12.  Swirling Colors

Teach colors can come quite naturally while having fun.


  1. Your baking soda scoop is a great variation of the baking soda and vinegar experiment! It's fun to see a list of your awesome color activities. I pinned your post to my DIY Sensorial Extensions board at

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