Monday, February 20, 2012


For the past year I have used plastic colored balls and foam letters in the bathtub for Adeline.  One of her favorite activities is to throw these things into the empty bathtub throughout the day.  This is even how Adeline learned to pull herself to a stand because she wanted to throw the balls in the tub.  Since she has interacted so much with her colored balls and letters she has learned them easily.  Whenever she is in the tub we play "drop the red ball" etc.  She is learning a verb and color with noun.  We also stick the letters randomly on the walls as we say the letters and she has easily picked up the letter names.  Isn't it amazing how easily some skills can be learned when a child is having fun?    

This is a picture of the basket that I keep in the bathroom for Adeline's letters and balls

Today we worked on various activities using colors.  I found this color poster at the Dollar Tree so I cut it and laminated each color so we could do some color sorting with pompoms.  I used our big metal drip pan board that I love so much.  I also had Adeline sit on a stool for a little more core challenge.  Sitting on a stool is much more work than sitting on the floor.

Later, I put up all the cards and we played "touch the _______".
We also played with our colored ice cream cone.  This is one of my favorite toys.  Adeline has played with these for well over a year and I know it will continue to be used for a few more years.  It is one of those toys that has so many uses.  She stated with just learning to stack, and now we talk about colors and put on.  She will continue to uses these in her play kitchen later.  

Last, we finsihed with our Melissa and Doug color and shape sorter.


  1. so often when i click on linky pictures I arrive at your blog (this time from montessori monday). More great colour activities. I love the icecream - yummmmmy!

  2. Great ideas! I have that same poster and had not thought of matching with pompoms! Where do you have your drip pan posted? Thanks for all you are sharing. Your little girl is a doll!

  3. I love the idea to take a poster and cut it apart like that! I've seen that same one at the Dollar Tree. I too love your blog and all of your awesome ideas! Visiting from Teach Me Tues.

  4. That ice cream cone toy is so awesome. I know my kids would love it! Thanks for sharing your darling little one. :)

  5. I love the creative ideas you have for using materials like the Dollar Tree poster! And the colored ice cream cone looks like a great toy! Thanks so much for linking up with Montessori Monday. I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  6. Adeline is so smart! I love how you used the Dollar Tree poster!! And the bathtub bin...I think I'll be using that idea for my baby! I'm also sharing this post on my PreschoolPowolPackets Facebook page! Thank you so much for sharing at Teach Me Tuesday!

  7. Love love lovity love this idea. I pinned it, I hope that is okay. And I am featuring it this week at WOTT. Thanks for linking up!

  8. Again, GREAT ideas! I think I have a similar poster! I am going to use it!


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