Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gross Motor Alphabet

I have seen this idea on pinterest using an oil drip pan as a magnetic board and been wanting one for awhile.  The other day while in Walmart I remembered and went to check it out, yeah, I found one.  I just nailed it to the wall and now we have a great magnetic board.

I really like to double up on activities if possible so I sat Adeline on her Trumpette cow and we put on ABC's.  This was fun we did crossing midline activites and talked about ABC's.


  1. What a great idea! And, did Adeline get a haircut?

  2. great idea..have you tried the baking pans as a travel magnetic board..a friend told me you can laminate white paper and hot glue to one side of baking pan and have a white board as well as magnetic board..or I have seen some add felt and make lap sized felt board..

  3. Love this idea!!
    will have to search for a magnetic tray next time I'm out and about!


  4. I love this, but I'm a little lazy so I think we'll just use the refrigerator. LOL.

  5. Love the cow. We have the blue dog and I haven't been able to get it to hold air. Glad I saw her enjoying it so I could remember to call the company. We purchased ours from Timberdoodle. They have great teaching helps and toys too! Great website thank you for the ideas.


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