Monday, April 9, 2012

Three Ways to Sort Colors

We have been sorting colors for awhile and Adeline has done well with it.  Today I wanted to have her work on bending and reaching so I brought in the colors.  I used paper tubes and gave them each a color,  I added  some magnets to the back and stuck a piece of packing tape to the bottom.

We did this first standing up.  I put the basket down low so that Adeline would need to bend down and pick up her pom poms.  I spaced the tubes as far apart as possible so that she would be crossing midline to drop the ball in.  We worked on "drop and in"  with this activity.

Next, we did the same thing but sitting on a stool.  This also involved bending, reaching and crossing midline.  If you child is not standing yet a stool would work great with this activity to add a little extra challenge.

Last, Adeline sat on her yoga cow.  This cow challenges her stability a bit so she works on her balance while sorting colors.


  1. a very simple and lovely idea, your posts are very refreshing to read, thanks!

  2. Your daughter is beautiful and she is so smart three cheers for her and you I work with special needs children they are a joy I really love your blog and can't wait to use activities from it I try to incorporate lots of crossing the midline activity into our day

  3. I love this simple idea. I'd love to know - what do you do with the cow when you're not using it? I assume it's not simple to store or anything, or maybe y'all use it a lot and it doesn't get put away? I'm trying to convince hubby that we need one for each of our boys for Christmas... :)


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