Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Counting Sticks

I have been working hard on teaching Adeline her numbers.  I have used flashcards to teach her many of them, now we are focusing on order and quantity.  So I am keeping it simple and having her just put 1-5 in order.

I had a bag full of cardboard tubes so I made some counting tubes to work on today.  This kind of turned into a fine activity as well.

Using tinker toys my goal was to practice putting the tubes in order.  That did not quite happen because Adeline just enjoyed putting the tubes on the tinker toys, but that was also a good hand eye activity.   Later, she just wanted to count the tinker toys so I guess that worked too.  We will pull the tubes out again another day.

 In the end, Adeline made them "crash".

Adeline counting the tinker toy tude stands.  


  1. Another amazing idea and pretty to look at. For children who want to start learning how to tie knots you could have them help make the counting sticks. You are soooooo creative!!!

  2. Great idea for making numbers more concrete.

    We'd love for you to link up to our Finished Friday Linky.

  3. Wonderful and fun idea!


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