Wednesday, September 26, 2012

More Prewriting Activities

We have been working on more prewriting activities.  I created an alphabet book that I am hoping we can use for awhile for many different activities.  I printed that pages from First School  and then laminated them.  I printed one page for each letter.  I am able to used this book as flashcards, coloring pages, and later we will follow the space between each letter to learn formation.

I found the dry erase makers by crayola and love them.  Since this book is laminated Adeline is able to color on the pages and I can just wipe them clean, it works great.  I plan to make a numbers book soon.

Another thing we have been doing is using our doodle board.  These boards are great not only to have your child write and scribble on but I use it a lot to.  Many times I will write a word from Adeline's flashcards to see if she is able to recognize it on something different.  We also write the numbers and talk about them.  These boards are great for prewriting skills.



  1. I noticed you gave her two markers, 1 for each hand. Is that because its too early for writing, the concerns of hand dominance?

  2. Adeline will do this sometimes, write with both hands. I usually just set her markers on the table and let her choose her color. Today she used both. She usually uses her right hand though.

  3. An erasable Alphabet book is a great idea. My new laminator is just begging for more work to do. LOL. This will be our next project ;-)

  4. These are great ideas! I need to make a book like that, too. Have you tried Crayola's dry erase crayons? They are so much easier than the old versions of dry erase crayons.

  5. This is such a great idea, we'll definitely be trying it with Audrey. She holds a pen in each hand as well, not sure why - she'll demand another pen if we only give her one!

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