Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Playing in Cloud Dough

Today we made cloud dough.  I have heard a few people talk about it recently so I googled for a recipe and I found one over at The Imagination Tree.  I really loved this project because it was simple.  The recipe calls for flour and oil.  I used 4 cups of flour to a half a cup of oil.  I just used some canola oil.

This dough feels like a soft loose dough and little different then the typical dough you would work with.  Adeline played with it a little while but she was not that interested, but Ian loved it.

 We added some glitter to it.
 Adeline did a little scooping and she was gone.  Not to interested in this one.
 Ian found his army guys and set up camp.  The dough worked great to make hills and trenches.

 When we were finished I put our dough in a zip lock bag and put it in the refrigerator.  I figure it will stay good for a little bit. 


  1. I appreciate that you used cooking oil instead of baby oil. I also use cooking oil and a dash of flavoring extract so it will be safe if my babe puts it in her mouth...which she will!

  2. i made cloud dough yesterday too, Goblin played for 2 hours - thats the longest he has ever played with one thing. I was amazed, cloud dough rocks.
    By the way your blog facelift is fantastic. Loving it.


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