Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Animal Stamping

Today we pulled the table outside to do some stamping with paint.  I have had these animal stamps for quite some time.  I purchased them at Micheal's.  I have not done a lot with them with Adeline, but today I was doing some thinking and  I came up with this idea.

I glue gunned our Montessori wood people to the stamps to create a handle.  This would make it much easier to handle for Adeline.

One of Adeline's favorite books is, Day At The Zoo created by Brillkids.  It is a nice repetitive book where she can learn many words and vocabulary.

Today I used Adeline's artwork to make her another zoo book,  At The Zoo.

Here are a few of the pages


  1. SOOO fun! I keep hoping the weather clears up so we can do some fun outside things. We'll have to borrow this idea when it finally does!


  2. What a fun way to learn about animals and get to do some art :-) And I like how you added the handles to the stamps, very clever! Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times x

  3. Great idea! Love the stamps, too. I definitely need to find some. Going to be checking out your other preschool activities.
    I hope you'll link up at Off the Hook.

  4. Gluing little people to the top of the stamps is brilliant! Definitely doing that to our set. And I love your early reader. What a colorful way for your daughter to connect to the words in the book. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Oooh, what a wonderful idea! I LOVE how you made the handles and the books! I always love visiting your blog! I'm pinning this--thanks for sharing it at Teach Me Tuesday!!

  6. What a great idea!! Thank you for sharing with us at Happy Family Times!!

  7. This is such a great idea.I know I have asked you a similar question before but how do you think all of this up? Can you give me some more suggestions? I love all that your doing it seems like its just common sense to think it up but I guess it just doesn't come that easily for me!


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