Thursday, March 22, 2012

Noodle Fun!

Summer is coming and the swimming noodles are out in the stores around here.  They are fun to play with in the pool, but we found some uses for them in the house too.  Adeline is really into "ready, set, go", so we made a noodle run on the stairs.  I have found that some noodles have a larger circle on the inside than others for this you need a larger inside circle.

We cut the noodle's top off a little with a knife, not quite in half.  Marbles could be used for this but we used some balls that are about the size of ping pong balls.

     This was a lot of fun!

We also cut a noodle into fourths and attached it to a sting on a balloon.  The strung the string through the hole to make a balloon on a  stick.  Adeline then used another piece to "hit the balloon."  We are trying to add some action words to nouns so this was an active way to do it.


  1. What fun ideas! I've been thinking about buying some pool noodles to make obstacle courses for Miss K to practice her creeping and climbing over, though I think her brothers would like the marble runs. :)

  2. Your cutie pie adorable and I LOVE your blog. It gives me great ideas for homeschooling my three year old. I have three questions. How old is your girl? AND how do YOU stay organized and come up with these great ideas? Do you sit down on Sunday night to prepare for your week? Just curious how you plan your weeks. Thanks.

  3. What great ideas, I'm sure my boys would love a noodle run. Stopping by from TGIF, have a wonderful weekend!

    Mama Of Many Blessings

  4. Love the idea of using a water noodle! I'd like to invite you to share this with our readers for Fun Stuff Friday @Toys In The Dryer

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I'm going to feature this on Thrifty Thursday today in fact! I always love your ideas! :D


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