Thursday, September 1, 2011

Your Going To Fly!

     My fourth daughter was born with down syndrome.  She has been the greatest blessing to our family and as my 5 year old son says "she just gets cuter and cuter, we need more".

     Yes,  children with down syndrome learn differently, sometimes, but they can learn.  Every person has their own learning style, this includes children with some type of diagnosis.  I have started this blog to share with others some ways my daughter learns and hopefully you will be able to implement some of these ideas with your child as well. 

    Every child deserves the right to learn, to their highest potential.  We must never give up just because their road to success is different or because it takes more work.

    WE ALL DESERVE TO FLY!          



  1. Your blog will be a wonderful resource to new moms! you've written somevgreat posts already. I love the name & feel the same way. Fly high Adeline - I'm looking forward to seeing you find your wings!



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