Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Pad Apps For 2 and 3 Year Olds

We recently purchased an I Pad.  Now I am a very hands on mom but there are some apps that I have been very pleased with.  Since all children are usually visual learners and then children with special needs are usually huge visual learners it made sense to me to give one a try.  I must agree that Adeline has learned a lot from the apps she uses.

I feel that it is very important to not allow the I Pad to become a toy and it is only brought out when Adeline can interact with it when someone else is around.

Here are some of our favorites;

Brillkids Little Reader-  they have an app for their reading program.  I love it.

ABC Touch- alphabet game

Things That Go Together-  connecting things that relate together

Any of the Duck Duck Moose apps-  they are all great

Montessori Counting Board- great app teaching one on one correspondence and counting to ten

Little matchups ABC Alphabet - connecting letter sound to letter and upper case to lower case

Meet the Sight Words Flashcards

Meet the Colors

Meet the Shapes - they are all great

Guess the Dress - Dressing for the correct weather

Toddler Counting 123- this is one of our very favorites we play it ever day.  Teaches counting to twenty along with great visual searching

Puzzle Farm-  Fun  puzzles with a farm theme

Little Puzzles Preschool Games- four piece puzzles

Photo Touch Farm Animals- Touch the correct animal

Little Sorter Alphabet-  sorting letters

Montessori Matching Board- Matching items together

Tozzle- Love this app!  Tons of great puzzles at different levels

What are some of your favorites?  Would love to have you share in comments.


  1. I agree that the Duck Duck Moose apps are great. I also like Eric Carle's My Very First App. It's a fun memory game and it has the beautiful artwork of Eric Carle.

  2. Star fall ABCs. We love the meet the letters and duck duck moose too

  3. Thanks for the ideas Anna and Abby! I love Eric Carle, need to find that app.

  4. It's a bit pricey, but we love Special Words ( It's all the flash cards/words from the DSUSA See & Learn program in a matching format. Katie does fantastic with it, and it was easier than training her brothers how to do the printed flash cards and the four-picture frames with her. ;)

  5. Interesting list. Know a few of these and will be checking the others out. For my mixed ages group I have been gathering many suggested apps to try and then review. We are getting close to the end of the trial period for our original group and I'll be posting reviews at:
    For now here is a proven favorite with my toddler and preschool group - Spot the Dot from Ruckus Media Group ($4). This one is worth the money. - color review, following directions. Each time you play the dots are relocated. This also works well with my group for cooperative play/interaction.

  6. Special Words is an amazing app. I work in the Intensive Learning Center at my sons elementary school and our autistic and Downs students really respond well to the app.

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