Friday, October 19, 2012

Walking On The Pillows

Adeline has been walking for almost a year now.  I know many of you have asked, Adeline is 3 she will be four in April.  She really needs to work on strengthening her core and improving balance.  So we have been walking the the pillows.  When we first started I had to hold her hand while doing this but now I just need to spot her a bit.

I set up our track and add various pillows and cushions and she will walk back and forth.  She was also doing her therapeutic listening while doing this.  Sorry the pictures are a little blurred.

If you child is not walking yet crawling over the pillows is also great.  I still have Adeline crawl also to build up her upper body strength.

I think she is done. 


  1. What a fun way to work on balance! I love the last picture :)

  2. Thank you so much for the email. It was so encouraging to me. I wanted to let you know that I found the yahoo and facebook groups for DS and have joined. So much support. This is going to make my journey a much easier one. Thanks for everything.

    And I love this pillow activity. They can have fun and not even know they are working.

    I am using your ideas with my typically developing 4 year old. He is getting so much out of them. We were having trouble with number recognition. It is coming easier to him now. I'll be a pro when it is time to do them with Samantha.

  3. Can I ask what the therapeutic listening is for? I'm sure you probably did a post on it and I just missed it.
    I also love this activity! I'm sure Everleigh would just throw the pillows around and stuff, but maybe it's in the future!

  4. Great idea! Love you blog. Thank you so much for sharing. She's so cute, and the last picture especially is great :)


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