Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Motivating Strokes

I know we have been talking  about prewriting a lot lately, but here is just one more little thing we did the other day before we attempt making a cross.  I have this amazing easel that I love and I added some stickers to the bottom and sides.  I know I will have to do a little work to get them off, but that is OK.

First we made lines "down to the cat" then "down to the doggie".  Adeline loved this and it really helped her to focus on making a complete line.  We then made lines horizontally to the cats and dogs.

This was a fun simple writing activity.


  1. Using your idea of the dry erase markers and laminating, we have been practicing drawing lines with printouts from this website:

    To keep it fun and interesting, we're going to try your method too ;-)

  2. Ooh what a great idea, Audrey loves to use the blackboard but she just gets too excited and scribbles everywhere. This might help her to focus on making some cool lines!


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