Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Favorite Early Math Toys ages 2-4

Sorting, colors, matching, patterning, are all early math skills.  We have been enjoying some toys lately that work with these skills.

Match and Learn Math Board;  I love this activity because there are interchangeable strips that are added to the board and the child has to match the correct shapes with the pattern on the strip.  I really like that the pattern strip can be changed each time so that the fun can last a long time. This toy teaches matching, and patterning as well as using fine motor skills.  This toy can be found at Lakeshore Learning.

Another similar toy, is this beads on a stick game.  This toy also provides some patterns for the child to follow while placing beads on a stick.  Adeline is not using the patterning patterns yet, we are working on putting the beads on.  I appreciate that thee are many skills involved in this toys so that it will last awhile.
This toy also can be found at Lakeshore Learning.

Another of our favorites is this Melissa and Doug pattern block set.  This set is similar to a puzzle but a step up.  The child works with various shapes to fill in the design.   This toy works with both shapes, colors as well as find motor skills.

Our last favorite is this Teddy Bear set that teaches, sorting, colors, and sizes.  We also purchased this toy from Lakeshore Learning.


  1. It looks like Adeline is wearing headphones in one of those pictures. Do you do listening therapy?

  2. Yes, we are doing therapeutic listening from Vital Sounds.

  3. I love the match and learn beads set!They all look fun though! Did you see that Lakeshore is doing another contest? This one is through pinterest.

  4. I love your blog. Are you on Twitter? Where are you based?
    SEN Editor for Britmums bloggers

  5. Hayley, Thank you for stopping by. I always follow your adorable daughter. I am not on twitter sorry. We are on facebook. We are in the US in Florida.

  6. very cool toys! Thanks for posting about them :-)


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