Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MonkiSee DVD's

Adeline recently had the privilege to view the MonkiSee DVDs.  She has been watching;  Around The House,  All About Shapes and Action Words.   Her Favorite is Around The House.

These DVDs combine short songs with words and pictures.  So Adeline is learning to read the words and vocabulary at the same time.   The songs make it fun and engaging.  I even find myself singing the song "around the house".

Her favorite thing about the shows are the two puppet characters Skip and Howie.  When Adeline wants to watch a show she will bring me the case and say "Skip please".  The two puppets help teach about shapes, items around the house and actions words.

We have really enjoyed these DVDs, they are simple but filled with language, songs, and facts.  To see more of the Monkisee  products visit them at their website http://www.monkisee.com/ .  

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