Monday, July 30, 2012

Our favorite Fine Motor Toys

We have been making some amazing fine motor progress recently, so I have to change out some of Adeline's toys.  Today I thought I would share with you some of the new items we are using.

Pop Beads-- I found these pop bugs awhile back at Target.

Adeline is 3 and she is starting to move from the peg puzzles to these great Melissa and Doug puzzles.  They are nice chunky  puzzles with about 6 pieces.  Adeline loves these.  She does require assistance with these.

Adeline has pretty much mastered this peg board, and we are moving on to the next board.  This first board is easier because the peg just sets into the hole.  The nest board requires some pressure to press the peg in.  We are working on adding that pressure to get the peg completely in.

 This by far is my favorite Lacing set.  We have tried others with the strings, and been so frustrated.  This set is made by Lakeshore and has three levels.  It starts with a thick rope and rings to lace.  Adeline mastered that in a couple of weeks and we are now on stage two.  She is doing really well with this level too.  The string is like a plastic tube so it is so much easier to control.  Next is a string with smaller beads.    

Adeline is doing great with vertical lines, so we are working on horizontal lines.  We use this easel while I do hand over hand with her to practice horizontal lines.

 Another fine motor activity that we are enjoying is this hinged magnetic toy by Melissa and Doug.  This toy requires a lot of fine motor to open the doors and pull the little magnetic animal out.



  1. what great toys! i like that last puzzle and the first peg board! I've never seen those pop beads either! My daughter would love those! :)

  2. Those lacing toys look really cool. I haven't seen that set before. Thanks for linking up to The Sunday Showcase.

  3. Great suggestions for toys! I always loved Melissa & Doug toys, and the 3 levels of the lacing set are great! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:

  4. Love these resources and how you explained the learning phases. For a parent who doesn't have a clue, this helped a lot!! This blog would be EVEN better with links to places to find the toys you mentioned.

  5. Do you know where you got the clear pegs?

  6. very educative toys..congratulations
    i want to talk in private with Adelin's mother.
    what shall i do? thank you very much


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