Monday, July 23, 2012

Creating A Learning Area In Your Home

Creating  a learning environment for your child can be a beneficial use of space.  In our house Adeline's learning area is the front room..It is a bit awkward because this is the room that you walk into when you enter our house.  I like using this room because it is full of windows and the door also lets in light, she has plenty of natural lighting.  I also like that this room is connected with our living room so Adeline plays right along side us.  She is not tucked away in a room by herself.

Some things that I feel are important for a toddler learning space are:

1.  Shelves - to help organize toys
2.  Mirror -  Adeline loves to talk with herself and just watch herself in the mirror.
3.  Dramatic Play Area - I found all of these items at yard sales, except our play food.  We have a doll bed,      
     swing that converts to a high chair, stroller and kitchen.
4.  Organizational shelves or bins for books.
5.  Rug for floor
6.  Bins-  I use one bin for stuffed animals and another for dolls.
7.  A place to write of color-  I found this chalkboard that we love at a thrift store.

Giving up space in a home can be a sacrifice at times but the rewards of learning are great!


  1. I love how neatly organized your learning area is ... such a warm and inviting space! I featured your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page:


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