Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sensory Activities and Resources

Children with sensory challenges experience difficulties in taste, touch, sound, sight, smell, movement, and body awareness.  They may have a difficult time with touch, unable to register pain, figure out where their body is in space, and exhibit a large hunger for sensation.

Adeline recently started with a new Occupational Therapist who has taught me so many things about not just Adeline but all my children.  This OT takes a more holistic approach and focuses heavily on the senses.  We have seen amazing progress with Adeline in just a few weeks time.

This has been a fascinating couple of weeks as we have explored this new approach.  What fascinates me the most is how everything in our brain and body are connected.  If one part is not functioning at the best capacity it will affect other systems.

Adeline's OT has recommend a number of books to me.  I have not read these cover to cover yet and some I have not read at all yet but here is a list of some interesting reads.

I recently found a couple of these at the library so I am excited to get started on these.

Some of the items that we are using at home to work with Adeline are:

A wobble board.  We have Adeline sit on it and I gently rock her back and forth.  I also have her sit on it and I have her throw her bean bags while balancing.

A crib mattress.  I usually just throw this in the middle of a room and let her jump and climb.
 Bouncing on a yoga ball.  I hold Adeline by the waist and bounce her gently on a yoga ball.  We also play side, side, side, and back and forth.
 One of my favorites is the dizzy disc.  It is sort of like a sit and spin but I do the spinning for her.
 Rocking on a rocking horse is a great sensory workout.
  I was inspired to write this post that has been brewing in my mind today when I visited The Chronicles of Elle Bellie Bear check out her blog for even more ideas.

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