Monday, June 11, 2012

Pattern Blocks and Preschoolers

Pattern blocks are a great tool for young learners.  They encourage children to slide, turn, and flip blocks while using their fine motor skills. Playing with pattern blocks exposes to colors, shapes, and texture.  I complied a list of some of our favorite activities done with pattern blocks.

 1.Stack the blocks.  Adeline does not like to stack typical blocks but I can get her to stack these.
    2.  Make a train.

    3.  Patterning:  I made some pattern templates to help introduce patterning to Adeline.

    4.  Make pattern shapes in play dough.

    5.  Where is the block?  Hide a block in the play dough and have a child dig through the dough to find the block.

    6.  Stick the blocks to clear contact paper taped to a wall.

    7.  Sort the pattern blocks by shape.    

    8.  Count with pattern blocks.

    9.  Sort the blocks by color.  Here I cut some brown bags down and added a color to the front.

    10.  Matching to the silhouette of the shape.  Matching an item to the black silhouette is more difficult that exact match of an item.  I made these cards by tracing the shape.

    11.  Working some of the great pattern mats at  They have many different mats to print up.


    1. Awesome ideas! I think some even my 2 year old will enjoy (the play-doh one!). Thanks!

    2. We have these also. I remember them from when I was a kid! I love all of the different things that you have done with them! Thanks for some really good, new ideas!

    3. Great activities! I don't have pattern blocks, but I think I can get them from our local toy-lending library. Thanks for sharing.


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