Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Counting

We have been working on counting and identifying numbers.  Before I will let Adeline get into anything or move on her car we say "one, two, three, GOOOOO"   I think she is getting that part.

Today I used some spring cupcake papers, wrote the numbers one to ten in each one.  I then found some foam flowers at the Dollar Tree that I also wrote the numbers on.  We matched numbers.

We have these cookies that I just love so we pulled these out.  We have used this cookie jar with the cookies for a few years now, first we used then to just teach Adeline "in and out", now we are looking at the numbers on them to help identify numbers.   We also use the cookie jar when we are doing exercises crossing the midline on our cow.


  1. Love this idea too! V has that counting cookies cookie jar. I think it has gone through all three girls but maybe only through the last two. Yours looks more up to date than mine. :) It will last forever!

  2. We have the same cookies--that is such a great idea for them!! Thanks for sharing at Teach Me Tuesday!!


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