Monday, April 23, 2012


We have been working on pre-writing activities on our chalkboard lately.  Adeline does not really enjoy this task, but I do not what her to get behind in this area.  I started searching for a list that would help me understand the different stages.  I found this list that I like at Special kids corner .
Stage 1- Child scribbles randomly

Stage 2a)- Child scribbles spontaneously in a 
horizontal direction.

Stage 2b)-Child scribbles spontaneously in a 
vertical direction.

Stage 2c)- Child scribbles spontaneously in a 
circular direction.

Stage 3a)- Child imitates a horizontal line.

Stage 3b)-Child imitates a vertical line.

Stage 3c)- Child imitates a circular line.

Stage 4a)- Child copies a horizontal line.

Stage 4b)- Child copies a vertical line.

Stage 4c)- Child copies a circle.

Stage 5)- Child imitates a cross.

Stage 6)- Child copies a cross.

* Eventually child should be able to imitate and
then copy diagonal lines, an “X,” and basic shapes

Adeline stayed in the random scribble stage for awhile, and I think we had to lead her to the next stage.  Her Early Interventionist shared with me her trick to make spontaneous circles while singing "The Wheels On The Bus".  Adeline enjoyed this and still sings "round and round"  when scribbling circles.

We taught Adeline to make a vertical line by saying "down, down, down".    We are working on the horizontal line right now.  Adeline does not like the horizontal line so I have been doing some hand over hand with her at the chalkboard.  Many times we will draw the line fast and say "Weeeeeeeee".

The chalkboard has been a very helpful tool to help Adeline's prewriting skills.  I always keep a bowl of sidewalk near the board so that she can have access to this at anytime.



  1. Your blog posts are invaluable!! This is so great. I just wanted to say thanks and I'm so glad I found you!
    I can't wait to try the wheels on the bus. : )

  2. Adeline might not be too excited about pre-writing activities, but it's great that you have the chalkboard available to her so she can have opportunities to doodle each day. The chalkboard is also great for strengthening her wrists and getting her little hand into the right position for writing!

  3. That's a great list ... and I love the ideas for making circles, vertical lines, and horizontal lines! In addition to featuring your post at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page, I pinned it to my Special Needs Pinterest board at

  4. This is really useful stuff, thanks for sharing


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