Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reviving a Puzzle

I wouldn't say that wooden puzzles are one of Adeline's favorite toys,  but I love them.  I think I might even hoard them a little.  We have acquired a lot.  Some of our puzzle Adeline has mastered and they have become a little to easy for her but I am not quite ready to pass them on, so today we revived some. 

The first thing you can do is find a sock,  I choose a shorter sock because the shorter the easier, and this is the first time Adeline has done this activity.  I put a few puzzles pieces in the sock and "where did the animals go?".

This actually was a little more challenging then I expected, so this will be a good task to work on for awhile.

Later, we did a puzzle sitting on a stool crossing some midline.

 Last thing we did to revive our puzzles is doing a puzzle while on a scooter.  This really works the upper body.

Puzzles are wonderful teaching tools because they require reaching, sorting, and matching.  Many concepts can also be taught through puzzle such as shapes, colors, animal, etc.


  1. nice post! I love the sock idea--it really helps with engaging and communicating!

  2. I love your ideas. She is beautiful. I worked for 10 years before home educating with children and adults with Downs and developmental disabilities. They are simply brilliant in so many ways, that I am not. Have a blessed week.


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