Friday, March 16, 2012

Action Dogs!!

Children with down syndrome are visual learners and if given good visuals can learn just about anything.  This is also true for young typical children, they are also very visual and learn well with visuals.  I have very high expectations for Adeline and I think that it is important, not just a child with special needs but any of our children.  Until I know differently I am going to help them FLY like crazy.

I have been using the Brillkids Little Reader program for Adeline for quit awhile.  This is a visual reading and vocabulary program.  This program has been the best speech therapy we have ever had.  Adeline has learned hundreds of words through this program and been taught what they mean at the same time.  She is also reading these words.  If you have a child with special needs and are interested in this program please check out this link at Up, Up, and Away with Down Syndrome this mother writes about how Brillkids offers a special needs scholarship to purchase the program.

Well, we have been working on actions words and I found this book on one of my favorite speech blogs Chapel Hill Snippets.  She made the matching pictures a little different.  She used pictures from PECS, since we are not using this program I just found some pictures in google images to match the dog.

We laid all of our pictures out and as we read the book we found the matching girl.

The cover of the book
 The first page without the match.

 These are some of our action word flashcards from the Brillkids  program.


  1. How old is your youngest daughter? When did you start literacy with her? We have a GiGi's playhouse that is close they have a literacy program that starts at 3yrs but i don't want to wait so I've begun working with V. Thank you for sharing this.. I'm like a sponge to your blog... Soaking it up! Its all so helpful and im excited to try some of your ideas.

  2. I love your first paragraph. We are starting action words too, but I was too lazy to make some cards so I ordered a used set from Amazon. Especially since I haven't bought a laminator yet :-(


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