Friday, October 14, 2011

Building Our Muscles -- Gross Motor

We do not have Physical Therapy right now.  Our therapist moved, so I decided to try and see how we do on our own.  I think that we are doing O.K, we had some great therapist in the past that taught me a lot.  I thought I would share some of the things we do to build core strength and upper body strength.  Adeline loves the ball, it has always been an easy stress free way to do therapy for her. 

First, I set her centered on a yoga ball that we just purchased at Wal mart.  I hold her at her waist and bounce her a little, to challenge her stability.  I usually sing the Wheels on the Bus or just say "bounce, bounce, bounce"
Next, I move her side to side a little, and front to back a little.  This works more of her side core muscles. 

Next, we work on bearing weight on her feet.  Adeline leans on the ball, but stands with her feet on the floor.  If your child is not standing yet you will need to hold on to them.

 Now I am rolling her across the ball holding tightly to her ankles.  Once a child gets bigger, like Adeline I can roll so that her hands touch the floor.

 A small peanut ball works great for building upper body strength.  I hold her ankles and have Adeline bear weight on her arms.
 I might put a toy down below so that she will bear weight on one arm.
 This is one of our favorite exercise balls.  Really it is a cow!  It is call the Trumpette I purchased it on Amazon.  It is made from the same material as a yoga ball but it is a cow.  It is so fun.  Adeline loves to bounce on it.   Great for the legs and core!

 Sometimes we work on crossing mid line while on the cow.  I will hand Adeline a toy and she will put it in the basket.

We also reach for beads.

When we first purchased the cow about 6 months ago, I really had to help Adeline or she would  fall over the cows head.  She did that a few times, but now she is stronger and does not need assistance.

I love the bean bag chair for fun climbing.  Builds lots of strength without even knowing it!

Have Fun, while building those muscles.


  1. GREAT post! I love seeing what others are doing as we have no EI here! Our problem is Nava hates laying on the ball (will tolerate bouncing in sitting position as long as we make good noises and faces tho). How old was she when you got her the cow? We can totally get those here...they're everywhere in I'd love to try her out on that as soon as its feasible. Unfortunately Nava is a shorty so we may have a while to wait yet.

    Anyways, that's for sharing-the crossing the mid line and such while on a ball is totally new to me but I see why it would be good...adding it to the repertoire now!

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  3. did the 26 inch exerise ball last long

  4. did you get her a smaller ball or bigger ball how tall is she

  5. Get her a yoga ball did it last long

  6. How tall is she get her a smaller ball did it last long

    1. How tall is she did it last long your ball


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